Yoga Foster Agreement

Please read this agreement carefully, as it pertains directly to your participation in Yoga Foster programs.

I understand that completion of the online or in-person training, including all homework, quizzes and exams will result in a letter of completion and access to the Yoga Foster curriculum and resources (if eligible). Donation (if applicable) and attendance/login alone does not mean I will pass the program.

I understand that as part of participating in the Yoga Foster program I will provide ample feedback and evaluation metrics as covered by the Yoga Foster program overview, and invite Yoga Foster to complete site visits as requested.

I understand that Yoga Foster expects this program to commence only when I have fully completed and received a letter of completion for the in-person or online training, when this form has been submitted, and when all student participants have been cleared by signing waivers, provided by Yoga Foster, with parental consent to participate. I understand that Yoga Foster is not responsible for the health or physical safety of myself or my students as part of participation in their program.

I understand that Yoga Foster holds the right to request me to leave the training, forbid access to their materials, or return any materials if I am found plagiarizing, or if my behavior is disruptive, inappropriate, unethical, and/or impedes the capabilities of other students leaving. I understand that my organization will not be refunded any donations made in context of my participation.

I understand that Yoga Foster reserves the right at anytime to ask me to leave an in-person training if my health or physical practice does not seem to be at the level to participate at that time, and that I’m able to participate at a later date when I can show that my health and/or physical capacity has improved.

I understand that all Yoga Foster materials are under copyright protection and cannot be reproduced by me without the permission of the author. Failure to comply may result in legal action.

I agree to use the yoga mats provided to me as part of this program (if yoga mats have such been granted) for the sole purpose of practicing yoga with my students at the school I am enrolled at upon execution of this program. I agree that I will not sell, return, repurpose or redistribute these yoga mats in any way. I understand that failure to participate in this program as the agreement states means that I return these mats to Yoga Foster within 30 days of receiving notice.